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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Fall 2023

Meets on Fridays at 12:30 PM, Room NS 204
*unless noted otherwise

Date Speaker Title Facult Host
9/1/23 Mike Willis - Virginia Tech Navigating the new arctic: the Greenland hazards project Julie Elliot
9/8/23 Kelly Hondula - Arizona State University Gases, glint, and gelbstoff: opportunities and challenges for aquatic ecosystem monitoring Kelly Aho
9/15/23 Miki Nakajima - University of Rochester Consequences of giant impacts: Moon formation and magma ocean dynamos Allen McNamara
9/22/23 Al Laase '83 - Office of Legacy Management, US Department of Energy - Homecoming Alumnus Speaker Hydrogeologist in industry and early career advice Jeff Freymueller and Anthony Kendall
9/29/23 Anne Sheehan - University of Colorado, Boulder Rapid tsunami warnings from seafloor pressure and ship position data Shawn Wei
10/6/23 Anthony Chappaz - Central Michigan University Do not neglect the heterogeneity of paleo-redox proxies in black shales Dalton Hardisty
10/13/23 Tao Wen - Syracuse University Exploring human-carbon-climate interactions: a multidisciplinary approach bridging fossil fuels and the global carbon cycle Jay Zarnetske and Matt Schrenk
10/20/23 Don Penman - Utah State University Carbon and silica cycle coupling during cenozoic warm periods Janet Burke and Dalton Hardisty
10/27/23 Laura Schaefer - Stanford University Mantle redox evolution and effect on atmosphere composition: from Earth and Mars to exoplanets Seth Jacobson
11/3/23 Anton Ermakov - University of California, Berkeley Ganymede and Europa as seen by Juno Seth Jacobson
11/10/23 Eric Roberts - Colorado School of Mines The wandering Falkland Islands: a geologic odyssey Mike Gottfried
11/17/23 Andrea Brookfield - University of Waterloo Supporting sustainable water management decisions with science Anthony Kendall
12/1/23 Amy Burgin '07 - University of Kansas Serendipity in science: leveraging “opportunistic experiments” to better understand nitrogen transport and transformations in rivers Jackie Gerson