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Department of Earth and Environmental Science Job Opportunities

Current Open Positions in EES

Please refer to this page regularly for updated information. Positions not already outlined below are posted directly to MSU's Internal Job Postings and/or MSU's Public Job Postings websites.

Graduate Student Positions

The EES department is always seeking graduate student applicants each fall admission cycle. Graduate students are typically supported by fellowships, research assistantships or teaching assistantships. The graduate admission process is described in detail here with application deadlines at the end of the year.

If you're looking for graduate school opportunities, we encourage you to contact the faculty members working on topics that interest you directly.

Undergraduate Learning Assistantships (ULAs)

GLG 201 hires ULAs each semester to assist with labs and provide grading support. The current pay rate is $15.00 per hour with approximately 6 hours of work each week. Students must have already taken GLG 201 in order to be considered for a ULA positions. Typically, ULA positions are advertised before the beginning of each semester on the EES undergraduate student email list and on the EES department TEAMS undergraduate channel. For consideration, contact the GLG 201 instructor of record, who can be found via student.msu.edu.

Undergraduate Student Research Positions

Many research labs in EES hire student hourly employees as undergraduate researchers throughout the year. If you are an MSU student and interested in working in an EES lab, please contact the professor leading the lab that you wish to join.

There are awards within the department and the college that can provide resources to support an undergraduate research experience within EES.