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Request Course Enrollment Override

A course enrollment override may allow a student to join a course when MSU's Campus Solutions does not permit the student to enroll directly.

Reasons to request a course enrollment override

Course enrollment is on a first-come, first serve basis using MSU's Campus Solutions. Once the course is full, it is worthwhile to keep trying to get a seat with Campus Solutions. Enrollment changes a lot, especially the week before classes start and the first week of classes. If there are special circumstances, then a course enrollment override request may be appropriate. 

Course pre-requisites are chosen because specific knowledge and skills will be assumed background knowledge in the course. If there are special circumstances, then a course enrollment override request may be appropriate.

A course enrollment override is at the discretion of the course instructor and the course department, and so overrides must be requested directly from the department offering the course.

How to request an EES course enrollment override

Only the instructor can give a student permission for an override, so the instructor must be contacted by email for permission prior to the submission of the course enrollment override request form below. The instructor's name is listed in Class Search in MSU's Campus Solutions. Contact the instructor directly via email to discuss an override. The professor's e-mail address can be found using MSU People Search. If the instructor is not listed in Class Search, then no override can be given until the instructor is assigned to the course.

Instructors can often not grant overrides because there must be a seat in the classroom for every student. Seats in laboratory courses are particularly limited. If the course is full, there is typically a waiting list through MSU's Campus Solutions.

To request an override in an EES course, please complete
the EES Course Enrollment Override Request Form.

How to request a non-EES course enrollment override

Check the non-EES department's website to see if their override policy is listed. If the policy is not listed online, contact the department for more information.