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Graduate Student Handbook and Forms

EES Graduate Student Handbook

The current Graduate Student Handbook is the 2022 edition. All students matriculating Fall 2022 or later should look to this handbook for guidance. If a graduate student matriculated prior to Fall 2022, then they may use either the current handbook or the handhook that was current when they matriculated.

Current and past editions of the EES Graduate Student Handbook

EES Graduate Student Annual Progress Report

All EES graduate students must complete an annual progress report each spring semester. There are two versions of the annual progress report: one that only the student and their thesis advisor must sign (MS Word or Adobe PDF versions) and one that provides additional space for their entire committee and the department chair to sign as well (MS Word or Adobe PDF versions). They are otherwise identical.

The EES department requires that the annual progress report is signed by both the student and the thesis advisor to certify their contributions to the report and acknowledge the other's contribution. There is no EES department requirement to have all committee members sign the annual progress report before uploading the form into MSU's Student Information System. In this case, use of the version with just the student and advisor signature space is appropriate. All committee members should be sent the annual progress report for their consideration and approval. This committee approval process can be completed over email.

However, if the student is considering applying for the Graduate School's Dissertation Completion Fellowship (which is administered by the College of Natural Sciences) or the College of Natural Sciences' Outstanding Scholar Award Fellowship, then it is necessary for the annual progress report to be signed by the entire committee and the department chair -- it is a requirement of these fellowship applications that the most recent annual progress report be included and it must be signed by the full committee. Both of these fellowships are solicited throughout the year by the college via the EES graduate chair. If a student is not sure if they should be considering applying for either fellowship, then they should talk to their advisor.

*Both MS Word or Adobe PDF versions of the annual progress report are provided for your convenience. The MS Word version allows for longer responses, but the student should convert it to a PDF before obtaining signatures and uploading it into MSU's Student Information System. The Adobe PDF version really does require the use of Adobe Acrobat for the form's editable boxes to work properly.

EES Graduate Student Thesis, Dissertation Review, and Examination Approval Form

This is the required form for Thesis, Dissertation Review, and Examination Approval (PDF).

For additional information or questions about EES Graduate Student Forms, please contact the EES Department office.