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GLG students experience "Inner Space"

GLG students at Inner Space CenterGLG Assistant Professor Masako Tominaga and four MSU undergraduates are spending two weeks at the University of Rhode Island particiating in an NSF-sponsored program exploring the planet's "Inner Space" (deep sea environment).  They are part of science team (in collaboration with Ocean Exploration Trust, Harvard Kennedy School, Concord Consortium, Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution, Duke University, Harvard University, and University of Idaho) that will communicate with scientists and crews onboard E/V Nautilus using high-speed internet (see live stream of where ship is at investigating the Kick’em Jenny submarine volcano. The students will be using navigational, acoustic, optic, and geomagnetic data to understand the seafloor and subseafloor geology of one of the the most active (and eruptive) sea floor environments. 

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