Geodynamics and Tectonics

This group examines geodynamic processes of the Earth, primarily focused on the generation and deformation of the lithosphere, including fundamental questions regarding the structure of our planet and the dynamics of crustal plates and fragments. Faculty in this group include an international leader in tectonics and two early career faculty. Research in this group provides the foundation to understand formation, transport, and storage of mineral resources, and to understand geological hazards (e.g., earthquakes, tsunami, volcanic eruptions). The importance of understanding the nature of such hazards and communicating effectively with respect to risk assessment becomes obvious when society faces catastrophes such as the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile.


Kazuya Fujita - Global Tectonics

Kevin Mackey - Earthquake Seismology

Allen McNamara - Geodynamics

Tyrone Rooney - Igneous Petrology and Geochemistry

Susannah Dorfman - Experimental Mineralogy

Songqiao Wei - Seismology and Geophysics

Min Chen - Computaional Seismology

Guillaume Girard - Volcanology

Emeritus Faculty

William Cambray - Petrology, Mineralogy, Structural Geology

Duncan Sibley - Geochemistry, sedimentary petrology

Thomas Vogel - Igneous Petrology

Adjunct Faculty

Lina Patiño - Analytical Geochemistry