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The Environment

In the context of the geosciences, the environment integrates biotic and abiotic aspects of the lithosphere, hydrosphere, and atmosphere. Faculty in this group includes several internationally recognized leaders in the study of water in the environment. Over a wide range of timescales, our faculty and students examine the chemical, physical, and biological impacts of environmental disturbances. We study pristine to highly degraded systems, their developmental history and anthropogenic influences, the human and ecological health implications of geogenic elements and compounds, and the measures required to restore or remediate such problems. Such research helps us sustain natural communities and ecosystems, and allows us to predict the impacts of projected changes in climate and land use on the sustainability of water resources and the health of aquatic ecosystems.

Environment Faculty

Kelly Aho - Aquatic Biogeochemistry

Bruno Basso - Crop Modeling, Land Use Sustainability

Jacqueline Gerson - Watershed Biogeochemistry

Dalton Hardisty - Paleoceanography and Geochemistry

David Hyndman - Hydrogeology and Applied Geophysics

Anthony Kendall - Landscape Hydrology

Matt Schrenk - Geomicrobiology

Michael Velbel - Mineral-Water Interactions

Jay Zarnetske - Hydroecology and Watershed Sciences

Geomicro- and Paleo-biology & Paleoenvironment Faculty

Danita Brandt - Paleobiology and paleoecology of invertebrates

Michael Gottfried - Vertebrate Paleontology

Matt Schrenk - Geomicrobiology

Visiting Faculty

Warren Wood - Geochemistry and Hydrogeology

Emeritus Faculty

Robert Anstey - Invertebrate Paleontology

Grahame Larson - Glacial Geology and Hydrology

David Long - Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry

Ralph Taggart - Paleobotany, Palynology, Paleoecology

Joint Faculty

Randall J. Schaetzl - Soils and Geomorgphology

Catherine H. Yansa - Quaternary Paleoenvironments

Adjunct Faculty

Richard H. (Ricky) Becker - Environmental geoscience

Remke Van Dam - Near-surface geophysics and hydrogeophysics

Stephen K. Hamilton - Aquatic Biogeochemistry, Ecology

Thomas C. Voice - Environmental Chemistry

Lab Webpages

Watershed Science & Hydroecology

Department Contact

Department Chair:
Dr. Jeffrey Freymueller
  (517) 355-4626

Department Office:
 Natural Science Bldg
288 Farm Lane, Rm 207
East Lansing, MI 48824
  (517) 355-4626
  (517) 353-8787

Student Stories

From Idea to Impact, It Takes a "Green Team" From Idea to Impact, It Takes a "Green Team"

EES Senior J.R. Nosal spearheads a "Green Initiative" to bring sustainability to campus.