Education and Cognition

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The Geocognition Lab examines how people perceive and understand the Earth and its history. Professor Libarkin is a leader in geocognition research, whose work includes novel approaches to research on visual representation, discourse, and reasoning through analogs. 

Other faculty in this area are active participants in local, state, and national science education organizations who provide professional development for science teachers in Michigan and nationally and informal science education opportunities to the lay public in Michigan and elsewhere (see "Outreach" page).

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Geocognition Research Lab


Danita Brandt - Informal Science Education Outreach

Julie Libarkin - Head, Geocognition Lab

Joyce Parker - Preservice Science Teacher Education

M. Jane Rice - Preservice Science Teacher Education

Emeritus Faculty

Jan Eberhardt - Science Education

Kazuya Fujita - Earth Science Education Outreach

Merle Heidemann - Science Education

Duncan Sibley - STEM