Girard, Guillaume

Girard, Guillaume

Visiting Faculty - Volcanology
 170 Food Safety and Toxicology
 (517) 884-2015

My research interests are broadly focused around the processes and time scales under which magmas are generated and evolve, from their source region to eruption at the surface.


Girard, G., and Stix, J., 2012. Future volcanism at Yellowstone caldera: Insights from geochemistry of young volcanic units and monitoring of volcanic unrest, GSA Today 22(9), 4-10. 
Girard, G., and Stix, J., 2010. Rapid extraction of discrete magma batches from a large differentiating magma chamber: the Central Plateau Member rhyolites, Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 160(3), 441-465. 
Girard, G., and Stix, J., 2009. Magma recharge and crystal mush remobilization associated with early post-collapse Upper Basin Member rhyolites, Yellowstone caldera, Wyoming. Journal of Petrology, 50(11), 2095-2125.


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