Girard, Guillaume

Visiting Faculty - Volcanology
 170 Food Safety and Toxicology
 (517) 884-2015

My research interests are broadly focused around the processes and time scales under which magmas are generated and evolve, from their source region to eruption at the surface.


  • Girard, G., and Stix, J., 2012. Future volcanism at Yellowstone caldera: Insights from geochemistry of young volcanic units and monitoring of volcanic unrest, GSA Today 22(9), 4-10. 
  • Girard, G., and Stix, J., 2010. Rapid extraction of discrete magma batches from a large differentiating magma chamber: the Central Plateau Member rhyolites, Yellowstone Caldera, Wyoming, Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, 160(3), 441-465. 
  • Girard, G., and Stix, J., 2009. Magma recharge and crystal mush remobilization associated with early post-collapse Upper Basin Member rhyolites, Yellowstone caldera, Wyoming. Journal of Petrology, 50(11), 2095-2125.