Libarkin, Julie C

Geocognition, Tectonics
 115 Natural Science
  (517) 355-8369

Julie heads the Geocognition Research Laboratory at Michigan State University, where she investigates how people perceive, understand, and make decisions about the Earth. During 15 years of funding history, Julie has received a number of grants related to geocognition, science education research, and tectonics. Julie has led the development of the Geoscience Concept Inventory, including its conversion into a community-authored test (DUE-0350395; DUE-0717790; DUE-1034909); generated new collaborations across the geo- and cognitive sciences, particularly with respect to expertise and working memory capacity (DRL-0815930); collaborated on studies of image interpretation (DUE-0837185); co-led a study of tectonic uplift in Bolivia (EAR-0350396); and has served as external evaluator or researcher for several NSF-, NASA-, or NIH-funded projects (e.g., DUE-0716397). Julie is an author or co-author of over 90 publications.

Recent Publications

  • Orion, N., and Libarkin, J.C., 2014, Earth Systems Science Education. In N. Lederman (Ed.) Handbook of Research on Science Education, v. 2, p.481-496.
  • Libarkin, J.C., 2014, Evaluation and Assessment of Civic Understanding of Planet Earth. In G. Roehrig, D. Dalbotten, & P. Hamilton (Eds.) Future Earth: Advancing Civic Understanding of the Anthropocene, p. 41-52.
  • Lorenz, A.R., Libarkin, J.C., Ording, G., 2014, Disgust in Response to Some Arthropods Aligns with Disgust Provoked by Pathogens: Global Ecology and Conservation, v. 2, p. 248-254.
  • Geraghty Ward, E.M., Semken, S., Libarkin, J.C., 2014, The design of place-based, culturally informed geoscience assessment: Journal of Geoscience Education, v. 62 (1), p. 86-103.
  • Atchison, C.L., and Libarkin, J.C., 2013, Fostering accessibility in geoscience training programs: EOS, v. 94 (44), p. 400.


  • ISP203A - Understanding Earth - Global Change
  • ISP203B - Understanding Earth - Natural Hazards and the Environment
  • SME 820 - College Student Cognition in Science