Danita Brandt

Brandt, Danita

Danita Brandt in the field with students pointing out fossilized remains on a rock wall


Paleobiology and Paleoecology, Invertebrates
Associate Professor
 209 Natural Science
 (517) 355-6595

Danita Brandt's paleontological research interests center on fossil arthropods: their evolution, extinction, paleobiology, paleoecology and trace fossils. She is also engaged in informal science education efforts, including "Darwin Discovery Day", MSU's annual community-wide celebration of science and discovery in honor of Charles Darwin's birthday. Dr. Brandt has channeled her efforts toward using social media as tools in promoting increased public understanding of issues related to evolution and the history of the Earth. She currently serves as a member of the Paleontological Society's Education & Outreach Committee, is a past Councilor for Paleontology for SEPM--the Society for Sedimentary Geology, and is an alumnus of the University of Illinois (B.S.), University of Cincinnati (M.S.) and Yale University (Ph.D.).

Recent Publications

Smrecak, T.A*., and Brandt, D.S., 2017. Comparison of techniques describing sclerobiont abundance and distribution on shelly substrates.  Palaios 32:543-555.


Brandt, Danita, and Smrecak, Trisha, 2016, The future of geoscience collections in an evolving academic environment.  Palaios 31:371-373.


Chambers*, L.E., and Brandt, D.S., 2017. Explaining gregarious behavior in Banffia constricta from the Middle Cambrian Burgess Shale, British Columbia.  Lethaia.

Brandt, D.S., and McCoy, V., 2014, Modern analogs for the study of eurypterid paleobiology. In Hembree, D.,et al, eds., Experimental approaches to understanding fossil organisms. Lessons from the Living. Topics in Geobiology. Springer-Verlag.p. 73-88.



GLG202 - Geology of Michigan
GLG304 - Physical and Biological History of the Earth
GLG434 - Evolutionary Paleobiology
ISB200   - History of Life
UGS 200H - Undergraduate Research Seminar