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Long, David T

Aqueous & Environmental Geochemistry
 141 Natural Science
 (517) 353-9618
 B319 W. Fee
 (517) 353-8992

I do research and teaching in the areas of Aqueous and Environmental Geochemistry. Aqueous geochemical studies works to understand and model fundamental physical, chemical, and microbiological processes that influence water as it moves through its cycle. Environmental geochemical studies use this knowledge to solve problems that might adversely influence human and ecosystem health. We study interactions of among elements (including trace and heavy metals) and dissolved organic compounds in surface environments (e.g., wetlands, rivers, lakes, groundwater); working to understand both the natural and human induced changes in water chemistry using stable isotopes, multivariate statistics, and geochemical modeling; quantifying the influences of human activities on environmental systems using sediment chronologies; and relating knowledge learned from the above studies to evaluate the influences of the environment on human health through exposure analysis. International experiences include teaching and research activities in Australia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Israel, Kenya, Macedonia, Malawi, Serbia, and Romania.

Recent Publications

  • Parsons, M.J., Long, D.T., Yohn, S.S. (2010) Assessing the natural recovery of a lake contaminated with Hg using estimated recovery rates determined by sediment chronologies. Applied Geochemistry 25: 1676-1687.
  • Long, D.T., Parsons, M.J., Yansa, C.H., Yohn, S.S., McLean, C.E., Vannier, R.G., (2010) Assessing the response of watersheds to catastrophic (logging) and secular (global temperature change) perturbations using sediment-chemical chronologies. Applied Geochemistry 25. 143-158.
  • Song, L., Marsh, T., Voice, T.C., and Long, D.T. (in press) Loss of seasonal variability in a lake: the consequences of copper sulfate algaecide. Physics and Chemistry of the Earth. Available online 28 April 2010.



Interim Department Chair:
Dr. Jeffrey Freymueller
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Department Office:
 Natural Science Bldg
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East Lansing, MI 48824
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