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Larson, Grahame J.

My research is focused on determining the origin of basal ice in temperate glaciers and how debris is entrained in ice.  I also study the Quaternary geology of the Great Lakes region with emphasis on the dynamics of ice advance and retreat.  Most recently, I have been a co-leader of a summer study abroad program in the Indian Himalayas.


  • Larson, G.J. and Kincare, K. 2009.  Late Quaternary History of the Eastern Mid-Continent Region.  In Michigan Geology and Geography, Schaetzl, R., Darden, J., and Brandt, T., eds., 69-90. Pearson, New York.
  • Larson, G.J. Lawson, D.E., Evenson, E.B., Knudsen, Ó., Alley, R.B. and Phanikumar, M.S. 2010: Origin of stratified basal ice in outlet glaciers of Vatnajökull and Öræfajökull, Iceland. Boreas 39:457-470.
  • Larson, G.J. In Press.  Ice-margin fluctuations at the end of the Wisconsin Episode, Michigan, USA.  Ehlers, J. and Gibbard, P.L. (eds) Quaternary Glaciations - Extent and Chronology. Part IV, Elsivier.


  • GLG411 - Hydrogeology
  • GLG412 - Glacial Geology and the Record of Climate Change
  • ISP203A - Understanding Earth - Global Change
  • ISP203B - Natural Hazards and the Environment



Interim Department Chair:
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 Natural Science Bldg
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