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Guest speaker Dr. Wendy Panero "Describes Earth 2.0" This Week

EES is pleased to welcome our Distinguished Speaker this week, Dr. Wendy Panero. She is a Professor and Associate Director of the School of Earth Sciences at Ohio State University. Her talk is titled, “The Earth as a Model for Rocky Exoplanets: Describing Earth 2.0”.

With the discovery of thousands and planets beyond our solar system, geophysical and geochemical intuition can both lead and mislead our intuition on the state and evolution of planets beyond our own solar system. Panero will outline an approach to identify the most likely targets for time-intensive observations of potentially habitable planets.

Panero and The Ohio State University Mineral Physics Research Group study material behavior under the high-pressure, high-temperature conditions of the Earth's interior.

Join us for this interesting look at identifying potentially habitable planets on October 26, 2018

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