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Dr. Joseph Levy Explains Why "There Will Be Mud".

Dr Joseph Levy, Assistant Professor of Geology at Colgate University will be our Distinguished Speaker this week. His will present, "There Will Be Mud: Rapid Landscape Change in Antarctica"

Antarctica is a cold, polar desert and has been described as one of the most stable landscapes on Earth. Permafrost in Antarctica is thought to be cold, dry, and stable, which makes Antarctic permafrost land forms extremely rich, long-term records of past glacial and periglacial conditions. In contrast, arctic permafrost is undergoing widespread seasonal and secular thaw, which is releasing water and carbon into northern hydrological and atmospheric systems.

Recent field observations of thermokarst subsidence and permafrost collapse in Antarctica suggest that landscapes in the McMurdo Dry Valleys—the largest ice-sheet-free region of the continent—may be on the threshold of a major melting-induced reorganization, and a transition from stability to arctic-style thaw. Levy will present new airborne LiDAR measurements that capture where thermokarst subsidence is occurring in the terrestrial Antarctic, and explore the feed backs that regional climatological and hydrological processes are generating that are moderating or accelerating this regional-scale melt-

Levy is a geomorphologist and planetary scientist, with interests in sedimentary geology, surface processes, and geological/ecological interactions. He focuses on permafrost landsystems around the world and around the solar system. 

Come hear the latest on rapid landscape change in Antarctica on November 16, 2018 at 12:30 PM in Room 204, Natural Science Building on the East Lansing Campus.

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