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Dr. Joe Cain: "Building Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park 1854"

Guest speaker Dr. Joe Cain from UCL joins us Friday, February 12, 2016 to discus "Building Dinosaurs in Crystal Palace Park 1854".  The famous “monsters” in Crystal Palace have been on display since the park opened in 1854. These are the first life-sized three dimension sculptures of dinosaurs, marine reptiles, pterodactyls, and other prehistoric beasts. There’s a lot more to these sculptures than meets the eye. In this talk, historian of science Professor Joe Cain explores the history of their construction and identifies some of the ideas buried beneath their surface. He'll also talk about on-going efforts to conserve the site, now a national monument. He will begin his talk at 12:30pm in room 204 Natural Science Building.  Please feel welcome to join us!



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