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Dr Jackie Li Presents "Earth in 5 Reactions" This Week.

EES' Distinguished Speaker Series continues this week with Dr. Jackie Li from the University of Michigan. She presents "Earth in Five Reactions – An Extreme Carbon Perspective"

Carbon occurs as a major element in diverse forms of materials in the solar system and plays unparalleled roles in making and sustaining habitable worlds. During Earth's accretion, early differentiation, and plate tectonic processes, carbon is moved and transformed under a wide range of pressure and temperature conditions. What are the most important chemical reactions that govern the Earth's deep carbon cycle? In this talk, she will present three contenders that may sequester carbon into Earth's inner core or bring carbon to the lower mantle in the forms of diamonds or refractory carbonates, as suggested by experimental investigations of carbonaceous meteorites, carbides, and carbonates at high pressure and high-temperature conditions.

Joins us for this look into deep carbon science on Friday, October 24, 2017 at 12:30 PM in Room 204 Natural Science building on the East Lansing Campus.


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