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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Spring 2022


Meets at 12:30 PM, on Zoom,

Zoom Meeting ID: 998 6215 0025
Passcode: 487719

Date Speaker Title
1/14/22 Tesfaye Kidane Birke "Highlights on the Geologic and Tectonic Features of the Nascent Rift Margins in the Tendaho Graben, Ethiopia"
1/21/22 Donna Shillington "Upper and lower plate controls on earthquakes in the Alaska subduction zone"
1/28/22 Arya Udry

"How do we form granite on Mars without plate tectonics?"


Kaj Johnson


2/18/22 Sergey Lobanov TBA
2/25/22 Grad Colloquium TBA
3/4/22 Eleanor Jennings "The shergottite record of the thermal structure of Mars"
3/18/22 Jena Johnson "Exploring Mineral Signals of Iron-Cycling Life through (Bio)geochemical Experiments" 
4/1/22 Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni


4/22/22 Danita Brandt "Capturing Contingency: The fossil record and the history of a life"