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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Spring 2020


Meets at 12:30 PM, Room 204, Natural Science Building

Date Speaker Title
1/10/20 Richard Lassin

"The LK Massive Sulfide. Michigan's Newest Gold/Zinc Deposit"

1/17/20 Kim Lau
"Tracking Anoxia in Ancient Oceans: Insights from Uranium Isotopes"
1/24/20 Donna Jurdy "Mars Manetic Mystery"



Catherine Macris "Insights into impact processes from ultra-high temperature experiments"


Colleen Dalton

"Seismic attenuation and the rheology of the Pacific upper mantle"

3/13/20 Kimberly Van Meter

"Horizons of Perception: Land Use Legacies and Water Quality Futures"

3/20/20 Jennifer Bauer

"Natural History Collections as Primary Sources of Data"

4/3/20 Patricia Gregg



Rita Parai


4/24/20 Tanya Furman TBA