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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Spring 2019


Meets at 12:30 PM, Room 204, Natural Science Building

Date Speaker Title
1/11/19 Phil Skemer

"Deformation Microstructures and the Evolution of Plate Boundary Shear Zones"

1/18/19 Tanya Furman

"Drip magmatism and the instability of the subcontinental lithospheric mantle: Evidence from Saudi Arabian basalts"

1/25/19 Ben van der Pluijm "From Fault Dates to Orogenic Rates"



Frank Ramos

"Dating Young Volcanic Rocks at Changbaishan Volcano:  Insights from Radium Isotopes"




"Organic Geochemistry:Insights into the Invisible World of Ancient Microbial Ecosystems"
2/15/19 Bin Chen "Experimental Simulations of Planetary Interiors"


Randy Hunt "Intersecting Societal Decision-making and Groundwater Science through Ecohydrology"
3/15/19 Rebecca Barnes

"Linking Land to Water: How Disturbance Alters Watershed Carbon Dynamics"

3/22/19 Chris Neill "A field laboratory for future tropical Earth: Long-term experiments on forests, fire and agriculture at Fazenda Tanguro, Mato Grosso, Brazil"
3/29/19 Marine Denolle "The dynamic shallow Earth: monitoring seismic properties and natural resources"
4/12/19 Victoria McCoy

"Exceptional fossils in carbonate concretions: three case studies"