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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Spring 2018


Meets at 12:30 PM, Room 204, Natural Science Building

Date Speaker Title
1/12/18 Yingwei Fei

"Experimental Contraints on the Composition of the Earth's Core"

1/19/18 Mark Wojna “Reflectionson a 32 Year Career as an Oil and Gas Geologist Exploring the Gulf Coast”
1/26/18 Suzan van der Lee "Lithospheric Structure of the North-American Mid-continent Rift"
2/2/18 John Suppe "The Second Half of Plate Tectonics: Finding the last ~200Ma of subducted lithosphere and incorporating it into plate reconstruction"
2/9/18 Michael Reidy "Thinking Through Mountains: Verticality, Radical Orogeny, and the Rise of Modern Science"
2/16/18 Graduate Students Graduate Student Symposium (this event only held at MSU Union)
2/23/18 Masaki Hayashi Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science:"Alpine Hydrogeology: The Critical Role of Groundwater in Sourcing the Headwaters of the World"
3/2/18 John Paul Brandenburg "Fault rocks, hydrocarbon traps, and the role of both in environmental consulting."
4/6/18 Giday Woldegabriel "Volcanism, tectonics, and human-origins discoveries and records in the Ethiopian Rift System."
4/27/18 Warren T. Wood "Geospatial Machine Learning in the Geosciences"