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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Fall 2021


Meets at 12:30 PM, on Zoom,

Zoom Meeting ID: 998 6215 0025
Passcode: 487719

Date Speaker Title
8/3/21 Ryan Anderson

""How Do Continents Rupture and Oceans Form?"

9/17/21 Catherine Rychert "“Origin and evolution of the oceanic lithosphere beneath the equatorial Mid-Atlantic Ridge and implications for mantle dynamics"
10/1/21 Chen Zhu

Darcy Lecture Series in Groundwater Science

"How Are Geochemical Reactions in Aquifers Connected to Climate Change Mitigation?"


Isabelle Daniel

“The Emergence of Life on Earth: Interplay between Geology and (Bio)molecules.“

10/15/21 Ingrid Blanchard "Core–Mantle Differentiation in the Lab: Insights from High Pressure - High Temperature Experiments"
10/22/21 Viranga Perera TBA
11/5/2021 David Peate "Magmatism at rifted margins: the story from drilling in the South China Sea."
11/12/21 Sarah Gabbott TBA
12/3/21 Florian Scholz "Using modern sedimentary environments to explore biogeochemical cycling in deep time."