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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Fall 2019


Meets at 12:30 PM, Room 204, Natural Science Building

Date Speaker Title
9/6/19 Michael Ryan

"House building, subdivision development and farming in (and below) the active rift zones of Kilauea and Mauna Loa volcanoes, island of Hawai’i: What could possibly go wrong?"

9/13/19 Yihe Huang
"Physics of injection-induced earthquakes unveiled by seismic wave analysis and numerical simulations."
9/27/19 Nathan Sheldon "What was it like for life on land one billion years ago?"



W. Scott Phillips "Treaty Monitoring Using Seismology"


Lowell Miyagi "A Mineralogist’s Perspective on Mantle Convection"
10/25/19 John-Paul Zonneveld

"Coral Reefs in murky water settings: diverse and robust reef successions in turbid water settings on the southern fringe of the coral triangle"


Susan Beck "Contributions of Seismic Imaging to understanding the South American Subduction Zone"
11/8/19 Sarah Stamps "Clues About the Break-up of the African Continent"
11/15/19 Frank Ramos "Pushing the Limits of Ra/Th Dating:  From Maximum Melt Ages to Single Crystal Ages "
11/22/19 Cody McDonald "Working in the Oil & Gas Industry: What I Wanted to Know as a Student"