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EES Distinguished Speaker Series - Fall 2018


Meets at 12:30 PM, Room 204, Natural Science Building

Date Speaker Title
8/31/18 James Kirkpatrick

"NMR Spectroscopy and Computational Molecular Modeling of Mineral-Fluid Interactions"

9/7/18 Jenn Macalady “Light-harvesting bacteria stabilized low-oxygen conditions in the Proterozoic”
9/14/18 Cin-Ty Lee "The Making of a Continent"
9/21/18 Jason Price "Predicting radioactive accessory mineral dissolution during chemical weathering: The radiation dose at the solubility threshold for epidote-group detrital grains from the Yangtze River delta, China"
9/28/18 Geoff Abers "The subduction plate interface and mantle wedge from thrust zone to subarc"
10/5/18 Shijie Zhong "The Cause of Slab Stagnation in Mantle Transition Zone and Its Effects on the Dynamics of the Mantle"
10/12/18 Lisa Whitenack "400 Million Years of Shark Teeth: An Evolutionary Puzzle"
10/19/18 Bruce Kjarsgaard "The Kimberlite-hosted Diamond Fields of Canada"
10/26/18 Wendy Panero "The Earth as a Model for Rocky Exoplanets: Describing Earth 2.0"
11/2/18 Zhongwen Zhan "A Dual-Mechanism Hypothesis for Deep Earthquakes"
11/9/18 David Boutt Birdsall-Dreiss Lecture
"Groundwater as a Buffer to Climatic Change: Dynamic Subsurface Storage of Glaciated Landscapes"
11/16/18 Joe Levy "There Will Be Mud: Rapid Landscape Change in Antarctica"
11/30/18 Leanne Hancock "Thallium and Molybdenum Isotopes as Archives of Miocene Seawater Paleoredox"



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