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EES Fall 2021 Classes

Code Course Name Instructor Lecture Lab
GLG 201 The Dynamic Earth Jacobson MWF 9:10-10:00 M 10:20-12:10
M 12:40-2:30
M 3:00-4:50
T 10:20-12:10
GLG 303 Oceanography Schrenk TR 10:20-11:40


GLG 321 Mineralogy
and Geochemistry
Dorfman MWF 9:10-10:00 T 8:00-9:50
T 12:40-2:30
T 3:00-4:50
GLG 401 Global Tectonics
and Earth Structure
McNamara MW 12:40-2:00 F 8:00-9:50
F 10:20-12:10
GLG 411 Hydrogeology Kendall MW 10:20-11:40  
GLG 434 Evolutionary
Brandt TR 3:00-4:20 F 10:20-12:10
GLG 446 Ecosystems Modeling,
Water and Food Security
Basso TR 8:30-9:50  
GLG 481 Reservoirs and Aquifers TBA MW 9:10-10:00 R 12:40-2:30
R 10:20-12:10
GLG 821 Aqueous Geochemistry TBA MWF 11:30-12:20  
GLG 871 Intoduction to Seismology Wei MW 2:40-4:00  
GLG 901 Research Strategies
and Methods
Rooney F 12:40-1:30  
ISP 203B Understanding Earth:
Natural Hazards
and the Environment
Drost WF 12:40-2:00
WF 3:00-4:20
WF 10:20-11:40
    Vannier TR 8:30-9:50  
    Rooney TR 12:40-2:00  
ISP 203L Geology of
the Human Environment
Vannier   T 12:40-2:30
T 3:00-4:50
R 12:40-2:30


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Undergraduate Director/Advisor for Geological Sciences and Environmental Geosciences
 Dr. Danita Brandt
 (517) 355-6595

Undergraduate Secretary
 Pam Robinson
Phone: (517) 353-3271


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