Distinguished Speaker Series

1/13/2017 Steve Semken

EarthScope Education and Outreach: Transcontinental, yet Place-Based

1/20/2017 Craig Manning

What’s so super about supercritical fluids? Experimental insights into Earth’s magmas, fluids, and what lies between

1/27/2017 James Day

Where did all the Moon's volatile elements go and how did it lose them?

2/3/2017 Jeremy Boyce

Everything They Taught Me About The Moon Was Wrong

2/10/2017 Sam Alberti

Constructing Nature with Earth and Life Science Collections

2/17/2017 Forrest "Ed" Harvey

Water Resource Stewardship in the U.S. National Park Service

2/24/2017 Jianliang Qian

Fast Algorithms for Mathematical Modeling and Inversion in Geophysical Exploration

3/17/2017 Adam Ward

Multi-scale responses of river corridor exchange to dynamic hydrologic forcing

3/24/2017 Ben Herman

Promoting Functional Scientific Literacy Through the Integration of Nature of Science and Socioscientific Issues Research and Instruction

3/31/2017 Ryan Currier

"A Portrait of Crustal Melting in the Dry Valleys of Antarctica." 

4/7/2017 Donna Shillington


4/14/2017 Ron Hill